Pet-Friendly Residence

The Beauvallon is proud to be a pet-friendly place to live.  We welcome the four-legged members of your family and their responsible owners to our residence and encourage you to find out more about our ammenities and events.

Every year the Beauvallon celebrates the joy of sharing their home with their pets.  A puppy pool party is held the week following the end of the pool season.  All the furry friends and their owners are invited to a pool party on the 5th level garden area.

Those dogs with swimming abilities are invited to jump in the pool and enjoy the water.  Residents enjoy liquid refreshments while their pets enjoy the party.  Many residents without a furry friend join the residents in the festivities.  The dogs are encouraged to mix and mingle and it is a special occasion for residents and furry friends living at the dog-friendly Beauvallon.

Below are some photos of our recent Dog Pool Party!